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Welcome to Capital Defence

- A web site about the built military Heritage of Wellington

(the capital city of New Zealand).

      The efforts and exploits of New Zealand's military forces are well known. However while troops were sent overseas there were others manning defence works back at home. It is these defence works that often gets overlooked when one thinks about our both our military heritage and urban heritage.

        1st November 2011. Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Chris Finlayson announced the establishment of a reserve known as the "Watts peninsula Reserve" on the Miramar Headland. This reserve would include numerous Maori and Military heritage sites on the headland.

     Capital Defence sets out to inform it's visitors about what existed through articles that look at the military structures that have disappeared over the years and what still remains.     By profiling some of the sites in our Profiles section Capital Defence lets you see how extensive some of these sites were.

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